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Hi, I'm Aniqa.

Developer based in New York City.

This page is a temporary directory for all the websites that I have designed and coded so far. The purpose for these projects are to practice my programming and design skills.

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Travel Guide

Landing Page

A responsive landing page about New York City that serves as a travel guide. Packed with content in different grid and flex layouts along with subtle animations, and content toggling. Utilizes the DistanceTo API to provide flight times and distance to users.


Interactive Application

A responsive virtual keyboard with 8 unique styles (and 2 different keyboard lighting animations) that triggers on mouse clicks and keyboard presses along with a text area to write, copy and save Markdown content. Utilizes localStorage to save the user's theme preference and any Markdown content.


Live Data Application

A detailed light and dark mode dashboard with a complete overview of live weather conditions in the specified city. Option to toggle weather data between Celsius and Fahrenheit units. Sidebar with random major cities weather. Built using the OpenWeather API.


Landing Page

A full redesign of the original Omnifood website (fictional AI-based meal subscription service). Website utilizes a sticky navigation, hamburger menu, toggle switch, animations triggered by IntersectionObserver, and smooth scrolling.


Landing Page

A simple landing page about the characters and maps found in the competitive tactical FPS game, Valorant. Website has a light and dark mode, uses a responsive grid and text overlays that appear on hover.


Landing Page

A landing page about the fictional institution, Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter series. Utilizes CSS grids, flexbox, animations, form validation, if-else statements based on user inputs, and for loops to enable toggling between different content.